This is a little article illustration that I did in the last year. The article "The Rise of the Tech-Savvy Parent" is about... well about exactly that. The author, describes a phenomena that seems to have emerged in the last 2 decades with the upcoming of a generation, that has always had technology at their fingertips to help handle whatever struggle they might have. Therefore, the author sees a trend towards a generation that has never had to ask the Big questions, that is lacking in resourcefulness. With the "Tech-savvy parent" the author describes the parent which now rises above their children in technological knowledge due to an ongoing interest in what their children always took for granted.

With the illustration, it was very important to me to keep a certain playfulness and lightness in the design. I didn't want the topic to seem to stern, since the article had more of a funny vibe to it. So, I decided start off with a few pencil sketches and then after tracing it played around with some textures and colors.

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created by Michelle Liesch, 2018.
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