The Smartycycle App was a very special project for me because the topic of environmental protection is very important to me. My ambition for the future is to bring people closer to the protection of our nature with my design, but also to simplify it. Therefore the start-up intuitive-AI, which Oscar developed, is a great role model for me and my work.

What is Oscar the AI?  Basically Oscar is a trash can which has a camera and thus recognizes what the user will throw into it before he does. So Oscar shows you in which compartment your garbage has to go and eliminates mistakes when recycling.
With Smartycycle, I wanted to demonstrate a possible field of application for this type of technology, the smart home area. The app connects with Oscar to give the user more knowledge and control over the garbage in their household. This knowledge gives the user the ability to tactically minimize their garbage production.
The Home-screen of Smartycycle is a Doughnut statistic which lists all the recycled materials that Oscar has encountered for this profile. In the center of this statistic features the amount CO2 that the user has saved by recycling his garbage correctly. By tapping on it the equivalent of planted trees is shown to the User, this works as a reward system and helps to visualize the impact made by simply sorting your garbage.
For the highly motivated Users I also added the eco coach function, which helps them to achieve a zero waste lifestyle. Basically the eco coach scans your waste production and then based on that, suggests products to you with a lower CO2 footprint. So for example if it sees you have been using a lot of plastic bottles it will suggest a glass or metal bottle to you.
Like the concept? Have a closer look at the prototype with this click-trough video.
To find out more about the technology behind Oscar the AI bin check out the Website of intuitive AI.
created by Michelle Liesch, 2019
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