Here's the Final Poster design for the Luxembourgish indie Production "Esch a Flamen" (Luxembourgish for "Esch in Flames"). I had the most incredible time working on set with this international and versatile team. On set I worked as script and continuity and was part of the script writing team that consisted of the director Lucie Wahl and Anna Grube. 
After the release of the Film I had the opportunity to create a movie Poster based on a Photograph, taken in the Mines of Rumelange, by Lucie Wahl. 
Here's the process from the original Photograph taken by Lucie Wahl, to my first edit in Lightroom and then to my final edit in Photoshop, where I also added the title logo in a chrome effect. The typeface I used for this poster is called 'Grotesk' by Frank Adebiaye & Ariel Martín Pérez, downloaded on Velvetyne Type Foundry's website.
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