"On a safari, with the Gazelle. Discover your urban savanna!"  #ridetheGazelle
This was a print media campaign that I designed for a dutch Bicycle company the "Gazelle". The focus on this fictive project was to change the perception of the customers about the product. The Gazelle bikes are high quality products and very expensive. Due to their reputation as a traditional company, the special bike shape that ensure higher comfort when riding, and the high costs, the Gazelle bikes had gotten the nickname "granny bikes". I conceptualized a print and social media campaign, that aimed at making the product a younger and more modern one.
1- "as durable as an elephant"   #ridetheGazelle
2- "as light as a hummingbird"   #ridetheGazelle
3- "as powerful as a hippo"   #ridetheGazelle
"as fast as a leopard"   #ridetheGazelle
I used humor and wordplay in order to loosen the current perception of the brand, and tried to stay modern and simplistic with the design. Unfortunately, the wordplay doesn't always translate as well to English as it works in German, but this campaign was planned to be launched in the German-speaking area.
1- "as agile as a snake"   #ridetheGazelle
2- "as noble as a lion"   #ridetheGazelle

created by Michelle Liesch, 2019
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