Dungbee is an app that encourages users to do more recycling and rewards them with points and leveling up. At the beginning of the Game there is a short story, introducing the player to his personal island that he will have to symbolically clean up through real life recycling.
This is the introduction clip that is shown to the user when first opening the App. It is an introduction to the apps goal and tutorial to its functions.
The island is the Home-Screen of the App. Here, the user can see his progress throughout the usage. The island and its surrounding sea will change with the users progress in the game.
By scanning objects with the integrated AI-scanner, the app informs and educates the user about the right recycling bin for each object. Dungbee connects with surrounding smart bins and uses the users location, to direct the user the closest recycling bins.
By double clicking on the island home-screen the user can access an island shaped level progress screen. Here the trash pattern within the island will lower itself, the closer the player gets to finishing the current level.

Additionally, there is a statistics screen that can be accessed by swiping left on the level progress screen. This statistics screen informs the user about the exact amounts and kinds of material that he/she recycled since starting to use Dungbee.
This project was conceived and implemented as a group project for the class "User experience and user interface design" at Vancouver island university in B.C., Canada in 2018.
By : Haley Fidler, Hisako Fujishima, Michelle Liesch, Selina Hilger
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