ASOS #mysenseofself
Image-film, Awareness Campaign
This short clip was created as a student project and represents a fictive piece of work created for the real awareness campaign #mySenseofSelf by the British fashion retailer Asos.
Even though today I would go for a cleaner look and a more refined stylistic approach, I am still happy with the result, which was my first attempt to storytelling in terms of reinforcing a brand identity. The goal was to put the focus on the clients, whatever they would look like. In this scenario, the customers were represented by a variety of people that lie within the age target group of Asos and come from different ethnic and social backgrounds. The goal was to represent different characters with their own special styles and personalities. None of the people in the video are models or actors, and until that day most of them had never stood in front of a camera. This created a deeper level of authenticity and a reflection of their real characters, as was the goal of the #mysenseofself campaign by Asos.
Project by: Edris Nazhat, Janina Stricker, Daniel Neubert and Michelle Liesch.
Created in 2017
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